How to Promote Affiliate Links and Products

Affiliate marketing is possibly the most profitable form of online marketing. There are plenty of ways to promote your affiliate products and links throughout the web, whether you own a website or not.

Affiliate sites – Mini sites

The most straightforward method to promote affiliate products or services is through a website. This kind of website can actually be a mini site that contains an e-shop, a niche store, or even a directory of links promoting your affiliate products or services. These mini sites are easy to set up, since they don’t require any special skill or knowledge.

Successful mini-site owners share a little secret : The strength of mini-sites lies in their numbers. Although a single site may only provide a small income each day, a great number of them can provide generous streams of cash.

Article Affiliate Marketing

This is a method where no website is actually needed. All you have to do is write an article relevant to the product or service you want to promote and then submit it to a number of article directories in order to be published. This way lots of people will read the article and will most likely click on your affiliate link. Chances are that some of them will use the service or buy the product of your article.

Advertising Your Affiliate Links

A quick and easy way to promote your affiliate links is using Google AdSense that provides an online interface to easily set up your ad and reach thousands or even millions potential buyers. This is a very direct and ultra-fast way to earn cash through affiliate marketing, however it entails a good spending strategy since clicking on your ads will cost you money whether the potential buyer, buys the product or not.

Social Networks

A new method has recently become very effective in affiliate marketing and it involves promotion through social networks, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc. The fact that millions of users log in to these sites every day, make them a direct method of promoting affiliate links and products. There are many ways to exploit the possibilities these networks offer.

Sell or Give Free Copies of Your E-books

Another indirect method to promote affiliate links is writing an e-book on a topic related to the promoted niche. In case you have a good grasp of the English language and a thing for writing, this is a long-term investment. Once your affiliate links are inserted in the e-book, the distributed copies will serve as a powerful marketing tool.

Email Marketing

In case you have already established your web presence, you may possess a rather big mailing list of clients. This is a possibility that needs to be exploited. If it seems appropriate, insert affiliate links in your newsletter and your clients may click on them.

Depending on the resources, time and experience, these methods may be more or less. Testing is the best practice to find the method that works for you.